The 30-Day Yoga Challenge – a personal journey

I decided to make a 30-day commitment to change.  I signed up at my yoga studio for the 30-day challenge or mat crawl as the Green Monkey would call it.royal dancer

You commit to your mat for 30 days. This means show up to this space everyday for one month. Everyday be present, be mindful and for that time give all you have of yourself.

The challenge here at the Green Monkey went beyond 30-days.  You had take 30 different teachers in 31 days which meant you couldn’t take the same teacher or class twice and had to flip your schedule upside to get the classes in.

Just to be clear Yoga is something I do, not the “Thing” that I do.  So I decided I wanted to change my routine and deepen my yoga practice.

At first I’ll admit I was apprehensive about taking other teachers classes.  I wanted to take the classes and teachers that I had come to know and love.  But I signed up for this commitment and I was going to complete it. As I began the journey and got out of my daily routine I immersed myself in the process of change.  By experiencing other teachers classes I realized that everyone had something to teach and there was something to be gained from every one.  Not a bad class or teacher in the bunch.  I had now been exposed to umpteen different styles of yoga and each one selflessly shared their own practice. By physically letting go of my routine and set patterns, internally I began letting go of my own preconceived notions about everything.wildthing

I released restrictions in my shoulders and chest and my heart opened wider.  New people started coming into my life and sharing their positive energy with me.

handstand in the cloudsI let go of fear and my hand stands magically improved : ) .
(check out my feet in the clouds)

I practiced hip openers. As the tension and pain in my hips decreased, my mobility increased. I found myself moving more freely and lighter and  the energy in my life was flowing with ease. ( I got my lotus back : )lotus pic

Everyday was a new experience. With each passing day I found myself feeling better and growing happier.  At the end of the 31 days I had completed my commitment and my Yoga practice had gotten stronger and deeper. I felt less restricted, more open, restored and renewed and once again there was a bounce in my step : ) .

Feeling accomplished!

GO for Life! ™

Photos taken at the Wabi Sabi Eco retreat in Jamaica!

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer




Food Journaling- A Mirror to Your Soul

IMG_0769Keeping a food journal is a tool you can use time & again. It allows you to look at a reflection of yourself in the mirror.

How many times you pick up a snack or an extra serving or two without even realizing it.

It brings awareness to your behavior patterns that you may not even realize you’re stuck in.

You may find this journaling annoying at first, but after a while you will find it a very helpful tool.  I did it for years and still go back to it when I fall off track or need a change.

It forces you to look at yourself and not ignore yourself.

I find that when I organize my nutrition my life seems to organize itself around it and things that seemed chaotic or confusing fall into place. In a magical way It puts order into chaos and suddenly I find myself back on track, achieving my goals, discovering new things & overall felling better about myself : )

May I suggest a little notebook that fits into your bag and can go along with you.

Each page is a day. You log your entries by the time of day you eat & exercise

What you ate at the meal & how much. And even write a note about how you are feeling, thoughts or inspirations that come to mind. Write everything down even if it doesn’t belong in your meal plan. This forces you to look at it, deal with it and correct it or eliminate it.

It’s amazing how you will start to edit your behavior and find that you can improve yourself a little every day just by bringing awareness to it.

Every step you take leads you to a better you.  Make them count.


GO for Life! ™joycethumb

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer