3 Myths & Truths about Women & Weight Training Revealed

In honor of  National Women’s Health & Fitness Day -September 24th  here are a few tips for the ladies…

3 Myths & Truths about women & weight training revealed.

weightsMyth #1:  Women who weight train look manly

Truth: A hormone called testosterone gives men the ability to gain greater muscle mass than women. Although women have small amounts of this hormone, the average woman doesn’t produce enough to cause her to “naturally” grow large muscles like a man.  If you bulk up your diet is the culprit not the weights.

Myth # 2:  If I start weight training and stop, my muscles will turn into fat.

Truth: Muscle and fat are two totally different types of tissues. If you began a resistance training program and stop, your muscles will become smaller through a process known as atrophy. When you gain weight, your body stores excess units of energy in your cells in the form of fat. These tissues are different in form and function. One does not turn into the other.

Myth # 3: Consuming protein will help me gain muscle.

Truth: Your body uses protein to build and repair muscle tissue that’s been stressed by external resistance, such as weight training. Consuming protein alone will not increase muscle size or strength. It requires both lifting weights and eating protein.

Cardio alone does not build lean muscle tissue that changes the shape of your body and metabolism.

The benefits of weight training far outweigh those of just cardio alone.

What you will be with weight training is stronger, leaner, fitter, firmer & just overall BETTER!

Woman on weights see picture to the right….

Bring it On Ladies!Joycelyn-053web

GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

More than “10 Tips to True Fitness”

smileTrue Fitness is more than just exercise. It’s about achieving wellness in Mind, Body & Spirit. Regardless of age, gender or fitness level apply these 10 Fitness tips for a fit & healthier YOU!

“More than 10 Tips to True Fitness”

1. WORKOUT everyday – activity of your choice, your level, set your goals and train for that. Train hard. Most importantly, SHOW UP I mean really BE PRESENT. torso

2. good NUTRITION is key – Whole foods Clean eating- nothing processed, nothing preserved. You can exercise all day, if you don’t fuel yourself properly all that hard work will be wasted.

3. SET GOALS– see the big picture. Then set small reachable attainable goals. This will keep you motivated. When you reach them congratulate yourself…not by eating an Ice cream sundae (although sometimes I do enjoy French fries ooops), by taking the time to give yourself props for your accomplishments. Then accept where you are, get back to work & move on to the next!

bottoms red4.  DISCIPLINE – by this I mean put your self first. Do what you have to do for you and get it done. Then you will find you have that much more energy to give to the world & to others. It’s give & give, give to yourselves then give to others. It’s a wellspring!  Without this you will ACCOMPLISH nothing.

 5. Stay INSPIRED– making exercise a routine is one thing. Staying motivated and doing the same thing everyday gets old. When you see that start to happen, make a change.  At first the body will change, when it gets used to the same thing the changes will come slower and then none at all.  Changes take time. You didn’t get here in a day and you won’t get where you’re going in a day either. …CHANGE it up, keep it fresh!

6. BALANCE- meditation, breathing and visualization – though these should all be separate they make there way into one.sarong salute  Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, breathing, walking, mantras, incorporate these things into your schedule.. one or all.. if you’re training hard it’s important to do something soft for yourself. BALANCE is the Key.

7. Stay POSITIVE– look for the good in everything, use affirmations, even when it gets hard and seemingly impossible. Be PATIENT with your self…ALL is POSSIBLE!

b&w profile8. With all of this, carry that bottle of water & remember to DRINK & BREATHE!

9. Your body is your temple, HONOR it, RESPECT it & LOVE it!

Lastly & Firstly…

10. GRATITUDE-be grateful for the opportunity to fulfill these accomplishments, dreams & desires.buttocks

The MAGIC is here!
                                                                                   The End

GO for Life! ™
In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

Photographs & Style by Quelle Faboo Maureen Fannon

Colors for Health

Joycelyn-253webWhich color food group is best for you?

ANSWER: They are all great for you!

Here is a color chart to guide your choices


White – Immune & Support

Green – Detoxification

Yellow – Beauty

Orange – Cancer Prevention

 Red – Heart Health

 Purple – Longevity 

For best health select a rainbow variety and keep it vibrant and so too will be your health!

Eat em’ up &

GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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