A True Bit on “Fit Bit” and What Marketers Don’t Want You to Know

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You got your Fit Bit and you’re addicted to counting your steps.  Unless you’re a couch potato this is useless information and here’s why …

If your Fit Bit doesn’t have a heart monitor and you are not working in your heart rate zone, counting your steps will have no bearing on your fitness level or your ability to burn fat.

If you’re an active person, and I mean someone who moves around all day doing all sorts of things and are not sitting around, this gadget is not for you. Unless you have the one with the heart rate monitor and are using it to work in your heart rate training zone to either burn fat or improve your heart rate in which case you can forgo the Fit Bit and move right into a good old fashioned Heart Rate Monitor which actually does the trick of burning fat and improving your heart rate to increase your fitness level, none of which counting your steps on the Fit Bit will do.

So maybe you burned a few more calories by taking a few more steps but you could burn a ton of more calories by monitoring your heart rate and working in your heart rate  zone all of which is more efficient and leads to greater success to achieving your fitness goals of the afore mentioned burning fat, improving heart rate conditioning and increasing your fitness level.

Then there’s your nutrition, IF you’re still keeping to your same dietary habits then all of this effort will go to waste and you will remain just the same and you should just as well stay on the couch and be a potato.

Unless you are a couch potato, PLEASE don’t waste your time counting your steps this will only keep you walking in circles.

Why be a couch potato when you can be a track star? : )
Heart Rate Monitor ( No Chest Strap)

With Chest Strap

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Avoid Carbs and Insulin Before Bed

SWEETFRIES5964Carbs are a poor choice as a pre-bed meal. Complex carbohydrates that is.

The reason:  Consuming carbohydrates will result in a significant insulin release. This will  put the breaks on fat-burning.  If that is your goal. Carbs are also much more easily stored as fat in the evening hours when metabolism is naturally slowing in preparation for sleep.  You have very little opportunity to burn off that energy when consuming carbs at night – unless you have some nighttime activity or running a marathon the day after.

Also, remember insulin production is partly influenced by your previous meal. The more carbohydrates consumed the more insulin produced.

Otherwise, stick to protein, veggies and healthy fats for your last meal…

and have a good night : ) zzzzzz

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Staying in YOUR Heart Rate Training Zone

Now that you understand the effectiveness of steady state aerobic training, understanding the importance of staying in your zone, depending on your goal, will help improve your fitness level and get you those RESULTS!

50-60%- Fat Burning & Recovery – (Aerobic)
In this range you are developing your basic endurance and aerobic capacity. This zone is great for burning fat compared to the effort you put in. Other zones will also burn up your fat but you will have to work harder to burn up the same amount.

60-70%- ENDURANCE –(Aerobic)
This zone is great for your cardiovascular system. This helps your muscles become stronger and more efficient and you develop your body’s ability to transport oxygen to, and carbon dioxide away from your muscles. You should be spending the majority of your training time in this zone.

70-80% STAMINA – (Aerobic)

Entering this zone is a sign that you have become serious about your sport. In this zone your body develops its ability to handle lactic acid. An anaerobic workout takes place when you are working so hard that your body cannot keep up with the production of fuel and oxygen and so you need to dip into your reserves. When you dip into your reserves you produce numerous waste products – principally lactic acid. Training in this zone will help improve your body’s ability to process lactic acid and may increase your lactate threshold.

90% and over – MAXIMAL – (Anaerobic)
ALL OUT INTENSITY- You should only train in this zone if you are very fit and for short periods of time. The value is increased fast twitch muscle fibers for increased speed.

Heart Rate Monitor ( No Chest Strap)

With Chest Strap

Next post I’ll show you how to calculate YOUR specific zone

Until the next…

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So You Want to Burn Fat- Slow & Steady Does It

Your goal is to burn fat, right?.. It doesn’t have to be so hard or intense. Steady-State Cardio improves heart function,  recovery and burns fat.

Since Steady-State Cardio (SSC) does not place a large demand on your body it can be done everyday and used as a recovery tool from your intense weight training or HIIT routine.

SSC will help you RECOVER faster by improving blood flow to the trained muscles without placing an additional load on the body.

SSC is also optimal to specifically train the heart and IMPROVE HEART FUNCTION by increasing your cardiovascular endurance.  Over time your lung capacity will increase causing your heart rate to drop both at rest and during exercise.

Yes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) burns calories, improves high level conditioning and does burn fat, but slowing down allows your body to draw more of its energy from fat stores.

Body fat burns off best at a lower intensity level.  The body uses oxygen to help draw on and break down fat stores. This is your aerobic zone.  Once you increase your intensity you have entered the anaerobic zone, (without oxygen) and your body will burn more sugars for fuel and become inefficient at burning fat, which is your goal, right?

So generally what you want to do is keep your heart rate at around 120 beats per minute.  The best way to monitor this is by using a heart rate monitor. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple one will do.

Keep your slow sessions between 30-45 minutes in length or two 15-30 minute sessions a day.

I’ve listed a couple below. You can click on picture to purchase your own.

Here’s the one I use (I don’t particularly care to wear a chest strap)


Here’s another option with a chest strap for about $40:

Go as simple or as fancy as you like. Just pick the one the best suits you and your budget.

Old Fashioned Steady-State Cardio still has its place in the heart.

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Fat that Burns Fat?

SAMSUNG DVC PICTURESCOCONUT OIL contains the most concentrated natural source of medium chain fatty acids, MCFA, available.

Most fats in our foods, if not used immediately as an energy source are stored as fat tissue in our body, aka FAT.  COCONUT OIL has a totally different effect on the body.  The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are broken down and used predominantly for energy production…they produce energy NOT FAT!

Unlike other fats, they do not circulate in the bloodstream and are sent directly to the liver, where they are converted into energy like a carbohydrate, but unlike a carbohydrate in that it does not raise blood sugar levels.

Because MCFAs shift the body’s metabolism into a higher gear increasing the metabolic rate, coconut oil is a fat that can actually promote weight loss!

However like anything in excess it too can be converted to fat so use moderately.

The simplest and best way to replace LCFAs with MCFAs is to use COCONUT OIL in the preparation of your food.

Enjoy the many other benefits of COCONUT OIL:

Skin Care – moisturizer

Hair Care – conditioner

Healing – cuts & wounds

Digestion – speeds up

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9 Ways to Jump-Start Your Metabolism

Joycelyn-105web     By the time you hit 40, your metabolism starts to slow down 5% every decade, this makes weight loss particularly challenging.

     Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories and breaks down food to produce energy. That said in order for your body to burn calories you must provide it with calories for it to burn. Without them your metabolic rate slows down and the rate at which you burn these calories slows down leading to deficiencies in your nutrition and the role it plays in losing weight.


Here are 9 ways to speed things up:

1. EAT Breakfast!

IT IS the most important meal of the day.  Your body has been on a fast from the night before. The sooner you feed it, the sooner your metabolism starts up. This meal sets the tone and gives your body a source to draw energy from throughout the day.

2. EAT! 5 Meals (at least)

Keep them small and spread them throughout the day.  This will keep your engine running without experiencing all the ups and downs in energy levels and mood swings. Eating less is not more here.  Starving the body will only slow your metabolism down as you wonder why that fat is sticking to your gut or thighs when you’re not eating anything. Give your body the nutritional requirements it needs and this will actually help you rid of that fat. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!

3. Build MUSCLE

Lean Muscle burns more calories when the body is at rest than fat. With age we loose muscle and this gives way to increasing body fat levels and yes a slower metabolism.  Ladies I am not talking about big bulky massive muscles I’m talking about Lean Muscle Mass for a tone sexy look.   2-3 times per week minimum.

4. Cardio

At least 30 minutes a day will get you to start burning fat. Add this to your resistance training routine and blast that fat.

5. SUGAR -avoid it

Beware of hidden sugars in your foods.  This includes Fruit.

6. No COMPLEX CARBS at night-

Yes eat your carbs throughout the day but NOT at NIGHT …fibrous veggies are ok.

7. Vitamins & Minerals

Be sure that you are getting adequate supplementation either from the foods you eat or the vitamins you take.  Especially The ‘B’s” (refer to previous posts)

8. Green Tea

The catechins in green tea help to speed up your metabolism and contains antioxidants. Though it does contain caffeine, significantly less than coffee, this caffeine creates a thermogenic effect and burns calories through heat production in the body. A great afternoon pick me up!

9. Water! Water! Water!-  eight 8 oz. glasses at least!

If you have been following my blog I can’t stress enough the importance of water. This flushes everything out and keeps your bodily functions working efficiently.

If you haven’t already started integrating these behaviors into your lifestyle, and it seems like too much to handle, take one step at a time.

If you’ve taken these steps and want more guidance, you are ready for the next phase, click on the nutrition tab above for your personalized nutrition plan.

GO for LIFE!™

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Thyroid Health & Your Metabolism

Your thyroid gland is a 2-inch butterfly-shaped organ located at the front of the neck.  Your thyroid releases two primary hormones (T3 & T4) and they play a profound impact on your metabolism.

These hormones travel through your bloodstream and help get energy from the food you eat to regulate: fat and carbohydrate metabolism, respiration, body temp,  blood calcium levels, cholesterol levels,  growth & brain development, menstrual cycles & skin integrity among others.

Without sufficient iodine your thyroid cannot produce adequate hormones to help your body function at an optimal level and could wreak havoc on your metabolism. A TSH blood test can be used to diagnose your levels.

Iodized salt is one way to get supplementation. However, because it is heavily processed you may want to seek out other natural sources: seaweed, hijiki, wakame, arame, dulse, nori, kombu..you’ve seen these in sushi restaurants!

Because my meals are low in salt I supplement with Iodizyme

Some foods to avoid to for thyroid health:

•aspartame- may cause thyroid inflammation,

•non fermented soy – these interfere with the function of your thyroid gland includes, soy, soybean oil, soy milk soy burgers & tofu leads to decreased thyroid function

•gluten – found in wheat, rye, barley and most processed foods

* NOTE: too much iodine can trigger thyroid problems and worsen symptoms …

hyperthyroidism: an overactive thyroid, weight loss, speed up your heart rate, sensitive to heat

hypothyroidism : underactive thyroid  weight gain, feel fatigued, difficulty dealing with cold temperatures

Thyroid medications can interact with common nutritional supplements and lower the absorption… Always check with your doctor before introducing new supplements.

The key is maintaining balance!  And good health isn’t complete without stressing the importance of physical activity.

In peace, health & with much love

Joycelyn Bejar
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Throughout my blogs you will now find products related to my tips. If you find them beneficial to your health please purchase them through the link provided on my blog as I may earn a small commission when you do.  Thank you for your support and continued interest in your good health.

This FRUIT Burns FAT

     With just 36 calories FAT BURNING calories, half a GRAPEFRUIT is high in a Flavonoid called Naringin, which gives them their bitter taste, can activate certain enzymes which help to…

•Stimulate the liver to breakdown fat

•Control blood sugar through improved insulin sensitivity enabling your body to handle carbohydrates more efficiently

• metabolize fats

•and even have cholesterol lowering effects.

Grapefruit is also high in soluble fiber called pectin which can help to slow digestion and absorption.

*BONUS: This soluble fiber also promotes regularity so you poop better : )

Try eating half a grapefruit before a meal for the next few weeks and see if you notice the following:

•Regulates Hunger

•Being able to last longer between meals without food

•Fewer mood swings throughout the day

•And a leaner body!

       Studies also show a decrease in triglyceride levels, which may prove beneficial for improving heart health.  However, if you take prescription medications, especially statin drugs, avoid undesirable interactions by consulting your doctor before eating grapefruit.

GRAPEFRUIT also acts as a powerful liver tonic…Awesome for the mornings after you partied too hard ; ).  Keeping your liver clean will help keep you BURNING FAT!

In peace, health & with much love,

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