Nutrition Philosophy

Discipline is the hardest area to master when dieting. It really is about practice. You start and you keep practicing. You do get better at it with time. It is a journey like anything else. But you integrate it into your life. As it becomes your lifestyle, it becomes you and before you know it, there is a new you only a better feeling one!

The goal is better health and good nutrition. The bonus is, you get a slimmer and sexier you!

You can just start with the basic meal plan…

Basic Meal Plan $50

A sample on how to set up daily meal planning, how many and how far apart your meals should be. Foods are based on whole foods selection.

*Additional coaching calls can be purchased $40

Or if you feel you are ready for something more detailed… I design tailored plans for people based on their weight, body type and their goals, allergies, some food likes and dislikes, with bi-weekly follow-ups as their nutrition coach.

Personalized Meal Plan $399  Special Sale $299

w/ biweekly coaching call $40/biweekly.

Additional coaching calls can be purchased $40

* Calls are 30 minutes

So much of it is mental but I do warn, you will have emotional releases and get rid of a lot of baggage.  We all have that and can certainly afford to lose it!

Select a plan:

Basic Meal Plan $50


Personalized Meal Plan $399 Sale $299

Coaching Calls  $40


For Best Results:

Meal plans work best in conjunction with a weight training and cardio/aerobic program.

If you are interested in personal training sessions, please contact me for price and availability.

**If you have any health conditions you must consult with your doctor before subscribing.**


“Speaking generally, all parts of the body which have function, if used in moderation and exercised in labours to which each is accustomed, become thereby healthy and well developed, and age slowly, but if unused and left idle, they become liable to disease, defective in in growth and age quickly.” Hippocrates


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About this S’well Water Bottle

swell water bottlepic

About the bottle….

For the longest time I was resisting giving up my plastic water bottles in lieu of a stainless steel or glass bottle for fear that I would break one or add weight to my daily load of stuff I carry. Knowing full well that leaving my plastic water bottle exposed to the heat was turning my life saving water into a toxic chemical mess, I still chose the BPA producing plastic.

Basically these chemicals are possible endocrine disruptors and could mimic estrogen and effect the hormonal system through the thyroid gland. On the short list, BPA has been linked to reproductive problems, ADHD, diabetes and obesity, metabolic disease, miscarriages and poor brain development.

Really, this thought process of mine made no sense with my philosophy for conscious living on the fitness, health and wellness path. After all, it seems ridiculous economically and environmentally to constantly buy bottled water only to throw away the bottle each time and expose myself to harmful chemicals.

About the bottle, it keeps cold, cold for 24 hours and hot, hot for 12hoursl.

So grateful to my friends Jonie Misleman & Chauncey Williams for the amazing gift of aligning me with this #S’well Water Bottle

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GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love, jefitthumb2

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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