Farm To Table and What it Means to You

red farm picYou’ve probably been hearing the term Farm to Table more often lately, it’s been trending for the last five years and still in its growing stages.

What this means and why it should matter to you?

Farm to table restaurants support local farmers and artisans by using recently harvested products and highlighting the special character of those ingredients or the season of the year.

Both the slow food and farm-to-table movement are two related trends.  Basically, by taking the middle-man out of the equation they deemphasize industrialized food systems.

farmpic1Chefs go directly to the farmers’ source to get the freshest ingredients they can to create their seasonal menus.

Why this is better for you is because produce for example is picked way before it’s ripe in order to get to the market or distributer without rotting. So the fruits and vegetable we eat are never fully mature and never reach full flavor unless it come from a nearby local farm who can pick when ripened and transport immediately to serve and feed.farmpic2

The other option of course is to have your own farm and grow your own ingredients.

Why I like and support it…

Besides the obvious keeping money in the local market by supporting local growers…It’s a non-commercial environment where bigger is not better with organically grown produce and herbs, free range chickens and grass fed beef, no hormones, no antibiotics, natural diets which help to maintain nutrients, natural flavors and higher quality standards.

Because it’s mutually beneficial to everyone the farmer, the chef and you and me, the diner : )

GO for Life! ™jefitthumb2

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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