Carbs & the Insulin Response

Tim asks “In what way do carbs “hold you until the next meal? Carbs provide an insulin response, which is quick, and wear off quick. This results in your energy going up, then back down quickly, resulting in a feeling of needing more energy sooner, compared to a low carb meal. Protein creates a hormone response that signals a felling of satiety to you brain (feeling of fullness). Mixing some protein with carbs will probably slow this effect somewhat, but it won’t stop the insulin release, and creation of body fat if the energy is not used immediately.”

Yes, indeed they do provide an insulin response, that is exactly why your timing is crucial and the kind of carbs you eat even more so.

Always think whole and unprocessed.

Lower glycemic index carbohydrates tend to enter the bloodstream slowly, they are therefore able to maintain a steady release of insulin that activates the enzyme glycogen synthetase, which is essential for glycogen storage.  This is what gives you long lasting energy.

Not to mention,
for appearance sakes makes your muscles look fuller and you look leaner :D !

Some good  lower glycemic complex carbs are steel- cut, oatmeal, yams, butternut squash.

The protein together with the carb slows down the insulin response so it enters the bloodstream slowly and lasts longer for sustained energy.

Again, there is time and place for these carbs,

•In the morning when your glycogen stores are empty.

•2-2 ½ hours before a workout for optimal performance.

•After a workout to replenish used glycogen stores.

Eaten at these times, the body will use them instead of storing them to then later appear as fat.

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 GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


oatmeal can


Here’s a simple recipe for you to follow.

For a little xtra flavor I’ve included a delicious sauce to put on top.



Measure 1 cup uncooked put in to 4 cups of boiling water

Add cinnamon

Bring down to low temp lt simmer about 20-25 minutes ..

monitor the water so that it does not dry out completely

Then let cool

Put away in fridge morning scoop out half cup put in sauce pan and add a little coconut milk or almond milk  and maple syrup to taste

For a super fiber blast  and omega-3s add flax seeds & chia seeds

Simmer on low until warm ..

Can also add vanilla and top with fresh organic berries

For a little xtra special sauce on top

Cinnamon Almond or Coconut  Butter Sauce (whisk together: 1 tbsp almond or coconut butter, 1 tbsp almond or coconut milk, 1 tsp maple syrup, & 1/4 tsp cinnamon

Bon appetite    joycethumb

GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer